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Atom Vapes 15 x e-Liquid Quit Pack for Electronic Cigarettes

This is a e-liquid 15 pack bundle targeted at those who are serious about kicking the habit, it's a 5 week programme aimed at helping you cut down or quit all together. The 5 week plan consists of assisting you by gradually weaning down your nicotine intake levels week by week, starting you off with with a high dose of nicotine and ending you on a 0% nicotine level e-liquid. You get 15 x 10ml mixed flavour e-liquid bottles, this is idea for you if your a heavy smoker....

To check out which kind of pack you will need we recommend you check and follow our guide below and select the e-juice bundle most suitable for you:

·       If you’re a light smoker 5-9 a day then click here to purchase the 5 e-liquid quit pack

·       If you’re a mid-level smoker 10-18 a day then click here to purchase the 10 e-liquid quit pack

·       If you’re a heavy smoker, 19 to 40 a day then this item is ideal for you to purchase

The Specifics

  • Brand: Atom Vapes
  • Line: Quit Liquid Pack
  • High quality liquid manufactured in the USA
  • 15 x Bottles of e-juice / e-liquid 
  • Bottles are 10ml each, they all have specal narrowed safety nozzle for easy squeezing liquid
  • 5 Set flavours; Classic tobacco flavour, Mint, Double Apple, Strawberry andBlueberry
  • Nicotine level ranges from: 2.6%, 2.0%, 1.4%, 1.4% to 0%

The Recommended 5-Week Program

  • Week One: 2.6 nicotine
  • Week Two: 2.0% nicotine
  • Week Three: 1.4 nicotine
  • Week Four: 1.0% nicotine 
  • Week Five: 0% nicotine

Please note: This pack is a set menu deal, which in other words means you are unable to change or select choices of nicotine levels or flavours. The programme is designed to ensure you receive a controlled amount of the right nicotine levels all whilst enjoying the full flavours on offer.

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