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ATOM VAPES CE5 EGO Rechargeable Vaporizer

The world’s best-selling e-cigarette model the CE4 has finally had its day, it’s lost its footing in sales to its monster baby brother the EGO CE5. The Atom Vapes CE5 comes standard with the new EGO battery (faster to re-charge and twice the power of its predecessor). The CE5 has been dubbed the AK-47 of the e-cigarette world. It's reasonably priced, easy to use, excellent in performance and incredibly reliable to re-use and to re-fill.

If you're new to the e-cigs world then this would arguable be the most prudent option for you to begin with. It’s easy to use, much like a zippo lighter, you re-fuel it once in a while only this time you use e-liquid instead of fuel, the difference is with the e-cig you must also re-charge the battery, and then you are free to smoke away. E-liquids are readily available all over the web, and can be purchased in many different flavours, we recommend you purchase our American manufactured high quality e-liquid to accompany this item.

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Spec & Information

  • The CE5 1100mAh has the maximum power for a strong burn, hit and gets 700+ Puffs per charge.
  • Universal USB 510 Charger makes it easy for rechargeable long term use.
  • 1100mAh T- Battery with 510 threads will screw onto and is compatible with any 510 threaded clearomizer.
  • Safe to carry, features a 5 click on, off ability.

What's included?

  • x1 Ce5 Clearomizer (top clear part - can also be purchased separately if replacement required)
  • x1 1100 Ego Battery (latest battery - lasts longer and is more efficient than its predecessors (CE4) battery)
  • x1 USB Charger

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