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Atom Vapes - Fusion Quit Kit 0% Nicotine - eCig 10 Piece Starter Kit

The Atom Vapes Fusion Quit Kit is designed to perfection with a high end multicolour matt finish eGoT battery and also featuring the latest wickless removable pro-tank atomomizers. 0% Nicotine in all 5 e-liquids hich are provided as part of the kit, please note you get 5 different SET flavours, tobacco, menthol, mint, apple, blueberry, you are not able to pick and choose which flavours you wish to choose.

Please note there are three types of quit kits, we recommend you check our guide below and select the kit most suitable to you:

·       If you’re a light smoker 5-9 a day this item is ideal for you to purchase

·       If you’re a mid-level smoker 10-18 a day then click here to buy 15 piece quit kit

·       If you’re a heavy smoker, 19 to 40 a day then click here to buy a 25 piece quit kit

The Specifics

·       E-cigarette starter kit

·       Universal USB 510 charger

·       690mAh eGo-T battery (New release)

·       5 flavours tobacco,menthol, blueberry, strawberry, double apple

·       Multi-colour matt finish

·       Select either 10 piece quit kit, a 15 piece quit kit or a 25 piece quit kit – depending on how heavy a smoker you are

(Please note flavours and colour finish to the item are non-changeable they are standard for this item, for example if you want only 1 flavour or a different colour item, this is not possible, the only thing you are able to choose is how many pieces you want).

This 10 Piece Starter Set includes

1x 650mah FUSE (EVOD) Rechargeable Battery with 5V Circuit Protection
2x CE5 Pro-tank clearomisers (removable coils - tank can also be cleaned)
1x Universal USB charger
1x One lanyard
5x e-liquids

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