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ATOM VAPES G-Force e-Hookah (3-Pack)

Bing Bang Bosh exlcusively introduce G-Force E-Hookah electronic cigarettes to the UK market, This 2nd generation E-Hookah is designed with a short stub body, so that the device can be gripped much like a hookah hose and concealed in the palm of your hand. The G-Force features an authentic Hookah . shisha nozzle and has a liquid display window so you are able to check if your e-cig is empty. The G-Force is available in 5 popular flavours: Double Apple, Blueberry Boost, Galactic Grape, Supernova Strawberry, and Melting Mango. One e-shisha or e-hookah gives you approximately 1000 puffs which is almost 10 normal packs of cigarettes.

Included: 3 packets (as seen in image)

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