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Boomer xPro HoverBoard With Bluetooth & LED Lights

Boomer boards are powered by high capacity Lithium batteries and extremely strong high torque motors. We use the latest developments in dynamic stability technology to maintain rider balance, so that standing still, moving forward or turning around is easier then walking. All you need to do is lean toward the direction you intend to go and the Boomer Board will take you there.

With sensors fitted under each foot pad, the board will detect movement in your feet and body and send that information to the high-speed processors. This controls the gyroscopes and drive motors which react instantly when they sense your weight distribution change. The result is an incredibly smooth and easy ride. Its considerably easier than learning to ride a bike and most people are gliding around within minutes.

The first thing you will notice about a Boomer board is how sturdy and solid it feels compared to the cheaper copy versions. Its slightly heavier which is due to the power output of the motor and some of the metal, not plastic internal components we use. Boomer Boards are incredibly reliable and durable and all come with CE certification for both board and charger and have a full worldwide warranty.


Notice: regarding reports in the media about poor quality copy balance boards.

You may have read in the press that Trading Standard have seized and destroyed a large number of balance boards which did not comply to EU and UK regulations. Were please to inform you that Boomer Boards are one of the few which have PASSED trading standards approval.

All our boards and chargers have been tried and tested over a long period and we dont have any problems. They also come with all the relevant safety documentation and have been thoroughly tested by independent European safety testing authorities. Please read the description below for the full details.

Don't buy cheap, buy smart. The RRP for a Boomer Board is 399, so you are getting a bargain, you just not buying a cheap, copy product.


USER NOTICE - Please read before you buy:

A Boomer Board is not a toy. People under the age of 14 should always be supervised by an adult.

It is illegal to ride a Boomer Board on public streets in the UK.They are only legal to use on private property, and only with the property owners permission.

When riding a Boomer Board, you risk serious injury from loss of control, collisions and falls. To reduce the risk of injury, the rider must always wear a helmet and other body protection such as knee and elbow pads. You must read and follow the instructions in the manual.


Other notable features:

+ Available in the 4 original Colours: Black, Red, Blue, & white (please select from drop down menu).

+ High quality carry bag available in bundle (must be selected on purchase).

+ Solid foam rubber tyres, so no flats.

+ Directional LED lights, light the way and indicate which motors are active.

+ Audible warnings - different warnings to indicate excess speed or angle of travel.

+ Low battery safe mode - automatically reduces speed and power while maintaining balance to let you know that the battery is at a critical level.



+ Scooter Size: 584*186*178MM

+ Weight: 11kgs

+ Max Loading Capacity: 100kg

+ Max speed: 12km/h

+ Max Gradient: 30 Degrees

+ Battery Capacity: 36V 4.4Ah

+ Motor Power: 350W x 2 = 700W

+ Charge Voltage: AC90-240V 50-60HZ

+ Charge Time : 2-3Hr

+ Range Per Charge: 18-20km (Depends on Load Weight, speed and gradient)


Package Contents:

1 Boomer Dual Wheel Self Balancing Electric Scooter

1 UK Power adapter

1 UK Power cable with fused plug

1 English User Manual

Carry bag (only if selected in bundle)


Warning: There are a huge amount of cheap, poor quality balance boards flooding the UK market. Dont ruin your experience with potentially dangerous products, poor performance and non-existent backup when things go wrong.

+ This is the ORIGINAL Boomer HoverBoard. Available in 5 colours, Samsung Battery 

+ Full metal explosion proof battery casing. Unique to Fusion, the safest balance board on the market just got safer.

+ Bluetooth speaker - play music from your phone or tablet through the board!

+ A genuine UK company with full quality control in place Plus a UK office, warehouse and workshop.

+ A genuine CE safety certificate is available for every board.

+ UK warranty from a UK registered and limited company. We will be here to help if you need us.

~ 14 day money back guarantee – keep item in original box and original condition and if you don’t like it we’ll take it back without any questions asked -


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