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eJogga Glide+ (Multi-function Gym Set) Foldable Treadmill with Pulse Reader, Speakers & MP3

Option A: Glide Light (treadmill + gym set)

A great way to workout at home, improving cardiovascular fitness, general conditioning and toning lower body muscles while tracking all of your activity. If your trying to lose weight, tone up or simply stay in shape, this treadmill is ideal. Keep tabs on your heart rate and connect your tunes whilst you run on the through the MP3 or USB ports.

Offering a 10% fixed elevation (manual feet adjustment) for a tougher workout. This machine comes with an easy to use on board computer than measures speed, time, distance, calories or can scan between them all. In addition to this there are 12 auto programs as well as the manual mode. Comes fitted with emergency stop tag and suspension system for ease of use.

Select your speed easily with quick keys at 2kmph, 4kmph, 6kmph, 8kmph and 12km/ph to suit your workout with a speed range of 0-12km/h. Built to last from a robust tubular steel frame. Easily fold away for storage when not in use. If you want to exercise in your home, then this running machine is a great solution. Arriving 99% pre-assembled, you'll be up and running in no time at all! (handle bars & computer require fixing in place).

If you want to top of the run with a full body workout why not try the Glide +. The glide + is a the fully loaded version which comes as complete mini home gym set + the treadmill. Enjoy the benefits of having a electric waste trainer, dumb bells and a sit up bar as part of the fixtures on the treadmill, yes it costs a little extra but it also give you a lot more work out for your money.

The Glide light and the Glide+ are truly the best pound for pound treadmills available in the market. The build quality and design is second to none. The pulse reader, and calories burn count features in addition with speakers and MP3 or USB music connection points are a massive plus, allowing you to blast your tunes to keep you motivated whilst you run and to record an monitor your progress.

This is a tall treadmill unlike others in the market place within a similar price bracket, the handles are high and the construction material is quite frankly the best we've ever seen, and we've been manufacturing treadmills for the past 5 years.

14 day money back guarantee, if you don't like what you see. So why not give it a try?


Model No. GLIDE+
Display Type LED
Display Readout: Calories, Heart Rate, Speed,Time, Distance,etc.
Features: Quick fold + Bottle holders
Motor  1.0HP
Speed Range: 1.0-12 km/h                          
Running Surface: 400mm*1100MM
Carton Size: 1440*670*240mm  
N.W./ G.W: Glide+ (Multi) 39kg
Weight Capcity: 120kgs
Extras: Full Gym Set includes: 2 dumb bells, electric waist trainer and sit up bar
Others:  USB and MP3 AUDIO input to play music

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