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Caboki Hair Boost
-60 % Out Of Stock
Model: 54079B1E09495
Caboki the final frontier breakthrough product for hair loss sufferers which: Instantly eradicates bald spots or appearance of thin hair Provides perfect natural look. weather someone has a close up view, or your outdoors under bright sun light, no one is able to tell you have used a hair bo..
£9.99 £24.98
Jaylo Nail Dryer - weRtech
-39 % Out Of Stock
Model: 53FE2BFDCA41A
Great way to dry your nail after vanishing or polishing. Historically when seeing someone waving and frantically blowing on their hands it can only mean one thing... they were in need of a Jaylo nail dryer.. It's easy to use, simply place fingers in and push hands towards UV heat light and within 10..
£8.49 £13.98
Make Me Brush Straight - Hair Straighter
-50 % Out Of Stock
Model: 5808BFCB7C8FD
The straight hair comb have 10 rates to adjust temperature, every rate can change 5 degrees Celsius. We recommend that you always start with the highest temperature setting and reduce the temperature as your hair required. 1. For thick hair, select higher temperature (210-230°C). 2..
£14.99 £29.98
MakeMe Instant Steam Hair Curler - Made By weRtech
-87 % Out Of Stock
Model: 53FE224A53AE8
The best hair curlers on the market these new beautifully crafted and innovative hair curlers style your hair effortlessly, weRtech introduces MakeMe Curl the latest curling device, with a new added heated steam feature which is set to revolutionize the way you curl your hair. The new design an..
£29.99 £229.98
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