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MakeMe Instant Steam Hair Curler - Made By weRtech

The best hair curlers on the market these new beautifully crafted and innovative hair curlers style your hair effortlessly, weRtech introduces MakeMe Curl the latest curling device, with a new added heated steam feature which is set to revolutionize the way you curl your hair. The new design and technology used by the MakeMe Curl is set to push aside the traditional tong curlers.

Everyone or at least every lady is aware of the effort and time a traditional heated tong curler takes, the twisting, turning and holding,  repeatedly is not only stressful but can give you an arm ache not to mention a load of un-balanced curls, each one different from the last. The worst thing about it, is it usually takes forever especially when you have lots of hair to deal with.

So how does the MakeMe Curl promise to give you the same result, time and time again with minimum effort and at a fraction of the time taken by your average hair tong curler? The MakeMe Curl has a unique brushless motor built into the clamp of the curler, which lets off gentle streams of heated steam. You clamp on the device to your hair, it slowly reels in your hair through the clamp component and automatically heats the hair and shoots off heated steam to smoothen and stabalise the perfect curl. Each clamp to the selected part of hair takes a second or two to complete the perfect curl and an indication is given to release the clamp from the hair.

The process is repeated over which ever part of the hair you so choose. An experienced medium length haired female could completely curl their entire head of hair with 6-7 minutes.

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