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Make Me Brush Straight - Hair Straighter

The straight hair comb have 10 rates to adjust temperature, every rate can change 5 degrees Celsius. We recommend that you always start with the highest temperature setting and reduce the temperature as your hair required.

1. For thick hair, select higher temperature (210-230°C).

2. For normal textured hair, select moderate temperature (190-210°C).

3. For delicate, fine hair, select lower temperature (170-190°C).

Low temperature will take a bit longer time to make a hair style.

Rated Voltage:110-230V.
Heating time / optimal styling time: 30 seconds.
Straighten hair time: 5 seconds. Comb it and become straight during 5 seconds.
Thermostatic: 180 degree.
Max temperature: 230 degree.
Mix temperature: 80 degree.
Thermostat adjustment segments: 5 degree. 
Color: Pink or White

1. A perfect combination of comb and hair straightener. Having a beautiful hair and a health care massage for your head at the same time, you can definitely relieve all fatigue.
2. During use, straight hair comb will release a large number of negative ions, combining with air to produce water which nourishes your hair.
3. High temperature engineering material shell.
4. LCD screen display. 
5. 360 degree rotatable wire, it avoids the wire getting wrapped and caught.
6.3 IN 1 Function: Ceramic Iron Straightener + Detangling Brush + Anion Hair Massager !
7. It’s a hair comb, straightens whilst combing, simultaneously!
1.Please keep hair dry and neatly groomed before using.
2. Insert the plug into proper the socket.
3. Turn it on and adjust the temperature, you can use when the temperature reach what you want.
4. In the process of using, one hand pulls hair end and comb with straighter.
5. If you want to keeps straight hair last longer, please use hair styling lotion and softener lotion and wash clean before hair straightening.
6. It should not clip too much hair, if you want to clip more hair, you should be slow down the speed in the process of drawing.
7. It will be turned off by an hour automatically, turn it on when you use against.
No burn: When the comb plate reaches 200 degree, the comb top only 50 degree, that will not burn your skin, and it can help massage your head and relax you.
No harm: It produce anion when work, that remove hair static electricity, also anion can combine with air to produce moisture, help nourishing your hair . 

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