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Massage Gun Drill Cordless Rechargeable Deep Tissue Massager Portable Massage Device Massage Body

Bing Bang Bosh's massage gun that helps increase blood flow, hydrate muscle tissue, and improve the body’s performance both pre- and post-workout. That's not all! You don't have to be a fitness addict to use this product, whether you've had a long day at the office or you just want to kick back relax and work out the knots in your tired muscles then this is the product for you!

It is quiet. Barely audible when compared to other massage guns available. Different intensity settings allowing you to focus-on deep tissue work, increased circulation, or mobility. Every muscle is different, different shape, size, function and our massage gun helps to work any and every muscle!

Our massager comes with 4 different massage heads that can be custom-fitted to work different muscle groups in a plethora of ways ensuring that recovery time is significantly reduced so that you can be ready for your next workout.

The replaceable massage head allows your body to enjoy multi-angle massage. You can freely adjust the angle by pressing the button. The massager help release tension and ease sore, tight muscles, relax all of your muscle groups, de-stress, and energize your whole body.

Product Features:


  • Low Operation Volume.
  • The massager operates under 30dB, so just relax and enjoy the quiet massage!
  • Compact and lightweight, the massager is designed to be flat, small, and easy to be carried arround.
  • The muscle massager uses pulsating vibrations to provide benefits for health.

What You Will Get:
1 X Massage Gun
1 X AC Charger
4 X Massage Heads
1 X Manual

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